Boris Johnson says Covid is responsible for rising National Insurance taxes

At the PMQs, the prime minister was like how he could claim to be a “tax cut conservative”.

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer said: ‘One of the most absurd claims made in the name of Operation Save Big Dog is that the Prime Minister and Chancellor write in the Sunday time that they are the conservatives who cut taxes. Why do these so-called tax reducers keep raising taxes on working people? »

Boris Johnson replied: “On what we are doing to tackle the cost of living and taxation, our Covid recovery grant scheme is absolutely vital in helping people with the cost of living, supporting universal credit payments by reducing the tax people actually pay, increasing the living wage, helping the councils with half a billion pounds for those facing particular hardship, but what we are also doing, and c What is absolutely vital is to increase the number of highly paid, highly skilled jobs in this country.

Mr Starmer accused the Prime Minister of introducing a series of ‘stealth taxes’ on workers.

His examples included freezing the threshold for income tax and tuition fees, as well as “local authorities forced to increase council tax”.

He added: “You can be as stealthy as you want, but you can’t hide the reality. We have the highest tax burden for 70 years in the midst of an inflation crisis. So, I ask the Prime Minister again, why do he and the Chancellor keep raising taxes on working people? »

Boris Johnson explains the reason for the National Insurance tax hike

Boris Johnson replied: “I think everyone in this country can see that we’ve been through the biggest pandemic for 100 years, that we’ve looked after the people of this country to the tune of £400billion.

“We now have the fastest growth in the G7, we have youth unemployment at an all-time high, we have three times as much technology investment in this country as in France, twice as much as in Germany.

“Never forget the last time they were in power when they finally got kicked out they left a note saying there was no more money. This is how they run the country.

Boris Johnson explains the reason for the National Insurance tax hike. (PENNSYLVANIA)

He added: “It is about dealing with the consequences of the biggest pandemic this country has seen with an unprecedented economic crisis in which the state has had to come forward and take care of the people of this country at £408 billion. Everyone can see the tax impacts of this.

Mr Johnson went on to defend the government’s NHS dossier.

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