Billionaire ‘Batman’ jail for large-scale tax evasion

Billionaire real estate mogul Peter Singh Virdee, nicknamed “Batman”, faces a three-year and three-month sentence for his role in a large-scale tax evasion operation.

He was seen as a major figure in a VAT scam that cost German tax authorities around £ 100million.

In 2017, Virdee was arrested at Heathrow Airport by agents from the Met’s extradition unit.

German prosecutors have said Virdee was one of the “central organizers” of a criminal conspiracy to defraud the authorities of VAT on carbon credits under the country’s emissions trading scheme. EU.

Carbon credits are tradable permits that allow nations or businesses to produce a certain amount of emissions.

“Batman” worked “in the background” and took steps to conceal his identity.

In 2017, a Met Police spokesperson said:

“Peter Singh Virdee, 43, a British national, was arrested Tuesday January 10 at Heathrow airport.

“He was arrested under a European arrest warrant on behalf of German authorities, where he is wanted for tax evasion.”

Virdee was in the UK but was transferred to Germany before the verdict was announced.

Several other people involved in the fraudulent operation have already been jailed.

SPIEGEL reported that Virdee has now been convicted for his role in the fraud.

During the investigation of the fraud, allegations emerged that Virdee bribed high-ranking Caribbean politicians.

Virdee and his partner Dieter Trutschler had been secretly recorded referring to the subject of payments or gifts to government officials.

In a transcript, Virdee said the “Antigua energy minister” asked for money.

To which Virdee said he replied, “What do you mean, ‘I need two million. You can’t just f ****** take two million ”. You can’t just say, “I need two million because I made a lot of gravy.” “

According to the judgment of the High Court, Mr Virdee was recorded saying of the same minister:

“He said to me ‘You promised my mother a car.’ I said, “I have no problem buying you a car.”

The judgment then quotes Mr. Virdee in these terms: “[The minister] is heinous. I said, ‘Fuck you’.

Virdee is a curatorial donor, with his company B&S Properties having offered £ 98,000 to curators since 2011.

Party files show that Virdee was one of the “major donors who attended a leadership group event that included a meal and attended by a minister” between July and September 2012.

The main Conservative ministers who attended the events of this period were David Cameron, George Osborne and Greg Barker.

“Batman” has been heavily involved in charity work and has also been in the company of various celebrities.

A series of photos features him with the Queen, athlete Usain Bolt, singer Rihanna and actor Al Pacino.

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