Are Steven and Alina still together? What we know so far

90 day fiancé fans watched Steven and Alina’s relationship progress into what can only be described as a captivated state of horror. Steven waves red flags like it’s a parade, and all of his behaviors and secrets seem to finally come to a head with Alina. Now, as the two try to navigate difficult and frustrating waters, fans wonder if Steven and Alina are still together after the show.

Are 90 day fiancé couple Steven and Alina still together? | CCM

90 day fiancé the couple Steven and Alina have already encountered many obstacles in their relationship and they have barely started their stay in Turkey. Recent social media posts have left fans wondering if Steven and Alina are still together.

Notably, Alina called Steven in a relatively recent Instagram post. She shared a photo of herself with unique makeup, given her interest in body art.

“Someone with a V didn’t really like this photo. But I think I look good here and it took me a long time to do this makeup. Girls, don’t let a man decide if you are beautiful or not, ”Alina captioned her photo, referring to Steven.

She then shared another post with a selfie, this time asking for help working on her self-esteem.

“What’s the best advice for someone working on their self-esteem?” ” she asked. These two messages combined seem to indicate that perhaps Steven did not leave his 90 day fiancé partner feeling particularly good about themselves and that there may be problems in their relationship.

Additionally, a photo of Steven having dinner with Chantel and Pedro has fueled rumors the couple have split up. That’s because the photo showed Steven sitting next to another woman entirely on what appears to be a double date. All of these things taken into account together have some fans hoping that this means Steven and Alina aren’t always together, but there’s no clear answer yet.

Steven admitted he wasn’t a virgin in ’90 Day Fiancé ‘

Steven didn’t make Alina feel particularly excited about their relationship during recent episodes of 90 day fiancé. Notably, Steven pushed the two to live in separate places, claiming he couldn’t control himself. He then went ahead and ruined their first date, a wine tasting, by revealing that he had lied about her sex story.

Steven told Alina that he was a virgin and that the two of keeping “pure” to each other was a big deal for both of them. Naturally, when he told Alina that he had lied, she was very upset.

“I’m not a virgin. I’ve had sex. I’m telling you this because I love you and I want to make sure you know everything about me before we get married,” Steven told Alina. Alina’s face betrayed her emotions, with bright eyes and quick blinks – she was bewildered and hurt.

Alina told him not to talk to other women

Alina and Steven in '90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way '- Alina wears a purple dress, Steven a green polo shirt.  They are sitting on a sofa facing the camera.  Steven has his hand on his knee.
Alina and Steven on ’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way ‘| CCM

Meanwhile, Alina has her own red flags. The 90 day fiancé The star is uncomfortable with Steven having girlfriends. Steven asking if he could go out with other people and revealing that he had seen other women when he and Alina were at a distance didn’t help.

Finally, Alina told him that she didn’t want him to talk to her friends at all, ever again.

What can I do now to make you feel better about what happened, ”asked Steven.

“Promise me you won’t communicate with your friends,” Alina replied. Steven then asked her if she meant forever, to which she replied yes.

“But even Jesus had friends who were girls, you know?” Steven argued.

“Wow,” Alina replied, unimpressed.

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