90 Day Fiancé stars who’ve sent lots of money to partners

There have been many rich stars on 90 day fiance and 90 day fiancé: before 90 days, with some cast members notorious for sending way too much money to their partners. It’s not cheap to travel around the world, but luckily some of the richest people appear on 90DF have successful careers that pay well. Elizabeth Potthast of 90DF season 5 has a net worth of around $1 million thanks to flipping houses, for example, while Checklist reported in 2021 that Darcy Silva, who appeared on the first four seasons of B90D, worth about $2 billion.

Some TLC stars may not have that much money in their bank accounts, but several alums held high-paying jobs before appearing on 90DF. “Big Ed” Brown made money as a professional photographer before appearing on B90D season 4, while 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Star Kenneth Niedermeier has made a high income from the sale of a property. Jovi Dufren from 90DF season 8 also became well known for his work operating ROVs (remotely operated vehicles). On the other hand, some people saw their careers take off after appearing on television, such as Larissa dos Santos Lima, Jovi’s wife, Yara Zaya, and Rosemarie Vega.

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While it’s nice to know someone with a comfortable paycheck, some 90DF stars have been accused of using their partners, especially for their money. Some of the biggest stars of 90DF and B90D ignored some serious red flags and lost more than a few dollars on their international love interests. Here are some of the actors 90 day fiance and 90 day fiancé: before 90 days remembered to send a large sum of money abroad.

Jorge Nava Prison Weight Loss Baby In 90 Day Fiance

Jorge Nava and his now ex-wife Anfisa Arkhipchenko were one of the most intense couples in 90 day fiance season 4. After they first met in 2016, Moscow-born Anfisa quickly began packing her bags to be with Jorge in the United States – and fans first began to speculate that the star wanted the money from Jorge after demanding a $10,000 purse. Anfisa, who has never really denied fans’ accusations, made it clear that she wanted Jorge to fund a lavish wedding, and Jorge admitted to spending over $75,000 on their relationship.

It wasn’t until Jorge and Anfisa got married on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? however, that the 33-year-old admitted he wasn’t exactly truthful about his finances: he wasn’t a millionaire, but actually thousands of dollars in debt. Between Jorge who spent two years in prison for marijuana and Jorge and Anfisa who divorced shortly after his release, this couple was doomed from the start, although Anfisa now earns her own money as a model and social media influencer. .

David Murphey Lana in 90 Day Fiance

90 day fiance fans considered David Murphey and Lana to be a mismatched couple from the start of B90D season 4. Las Vegas resident David met Lana, who is from Ukraine, on a dating site and spent seven years pouring funds into the site to keep talking to Lana. Despite the amount of money spent on the relationship, TLC viewers were convinced that Lana was a catfish since David’s repeated attempts to meet her failed. Eventually, David and Lana eventually met in Ukraine and got engaged, though the engagement didn’t last long. Despite obvious signs that Lana wasn’t interested, David dumped an insane amount of money on her. Not only did David reveal he wanted to sell his house and buy a $300,000 motorhome on the show, he admitted to spending over $100,000 on the 30-year-old.

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Caesar Mack was the ultimate optimist when it came to his relationship with Maria Divine, but his positive thinking ultimately backfired. Although Cesar and his Ukrainian girlfriend never met before starring in 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days season 3, Caesar would send Maria a whopping $800 a month – with the pair together for five years, that means Caesar gave Maria over $40,000 before he even saw her Face. Caesar and Maria had planned to meet in Mexico, but the magical moment fans had been waiting for didn’t happen after Maria’s plane ticket, which Caesar had sent money to pay for, was canceled.

After B90D season 3 is over, Caesar revealed the 90 day fiancé: self-quarantined that he ended up meeting Maria in person when he surprised her in Ukraine. While fans were relieved Caesar wasn’t fished out, Caesar admitted the two broke up for good soon after – and that Caesar sent Maraia an extra $2,000 to help pay her bills. . More 90DF fans believe Maria was using Caesar for his money, although Maria continues to deny receiving so much money from her ex.

Michael Jessen 90 Day Fiance

While Michael Jessen is reportedly struggling financially right now, the 62-year-old hasn’t been shy about talking about his wealth on 90 day fiance season 7. Michael and Juliana Custodio met at the same Croatian yacht party in 2017, and despite their nearly 20-year age difference, Michael prepared for Juliana to travel from her native Brazil to the States -United. As a wine investor, Michael’s network, according to Distract, was $1.5 million in 2019. With so much discretionary income, Michael admitted to giving Juliana his credit cards, which she then used to buy a car in Brazil. The Greenwich, Connecticut native not only gifted Juliana a $4,000 necklace, he also splurged on a million dollars home.

Sadly, Michael and Juliana’s relationship began to suffer after they married in October 2019, and Michael announced that they would be divorcing on their second wedding anniversary. Soon after, news came out that Juliana was pregnant with her first child; the father is his Ben Obscura. And while Juliana is pursuing a modeling career in Germany, Michael’s million-dollar house went up for sale in January.

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Nicole Nafziger Azan Tefou: TLC: 90 Day Fiancé

Viewers were first introduced to Nicole Nafziger and her Moroccan fiancé Azan Tefou (also known as Hasan M’Rouni) on 90 day fiance season 4. The Florida single mother and Azan were struggling to overcome their cultural differences, and many TLC fans thought the couple was doomed after twice postponing their wedding. Although Nicole was a barista at Starbucks at the time, she had no problem spending over a month in Morocco to meet Azan in person. Even more shocking to viewers, Nicole sent Azan $6,000 to open a beauty store, though Nicole later denied this. Between Nicole’s willingness to spend thousands of dollars on her ex-fiancé and 90 day fiancé: before 90 days stars send funds before meeting in person, it’s clear that some people have little to no qualms about losing so much money.

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