25 countries where you will pay a tourist tax in 2022

In the wake of struggling tourism sectors around the world during the pandemic, including travel restrictions and border closures, a number of countries are planning tourism tax policies for 2022.

This is not a new policy; tourist taxes have already been introduced in a number of countries. Tourist taxes are paid when a foreigner travels to a country and are imposed either in addition to plane tickets or when checking in to accommodation.

Tourist tax policies are put in place for a variety of reasons. This can be a way to control the number of visits so as not to exceed the reception capacity, to maintain tourist facilities or to protect the country’s natural resources.

Based on a report of Euro news Tuesday, January 18, here is a list of 25 countries or territories that impose tourist taxes from 2022:

1. Thailand

Thailand will apply a tourist tax from April 2022 of €8, which is approximately Rp 130,270. The Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand said that part of the tax will be used for tourism purposes, as well as for help defray the costs of developing tourist attractions in Thailand.

2. Venice

Venice will soon charge tourists a tax starting this summer. The levy offered will vary between €3 and €10, or approximately Rp 48,847-162,796, depending on whether you are visiting in low or high season.

3. European Union (EU)

The EU will introduce a tourist tax from the end of 2022. The policy obliges citizens of non-EU countries, including the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and other non-EU travelers from the Schengen area, to complete an application at a cost of €7, or approximately Rp 113,957, to enter the EU region. However, fees will be waived for those under 18 and over 70.

4. Austria

In Austria, tourists are required to pay an accommodation tax for each overnight stay. The amount of tax will vary by province. In Vienna or Salzburg, for example, tourists will pay an additional 3.02% of the hotel bill per person.

5. Belgium

A Belgian tourist tax will also apply to accommodation per night. In general, the cost for tourists staying in the country is around €7.50 per night or Rp 81,398.

6. Bhutan

While other countries impose tourist taxes of less than €20, Bhutan charges a minimum daily rate for foreign tourists starting at €228, or Rp 3,711,764 per person for one day, during high season. The price is slightly cheaper in low season. However, this fee already includes various things including accommodation, internal transportation, guides, food, and entrance fees.

7. Bulgaria

Bulgaria applies a tax for all overnight travelers. Pricing is considered low and varies depending on area and hotel classification, but you can expect to pay around €1.50 or Rp 24,419.

8. Caribbean Islands

Most Caribbean islands have a resort tax added to the hotel fee or departure fee. Costs range from €13, or approximately Rp211,635, in the Bahamas to €45, or approximately Rp732,585 in Antigua and Barbuda.

9. Croatia

Croatia increased its tourist tax in 2019. The increase in the rate is only valid during the high season in summer. Tourists pay around €1.33 or Rp 21,163 per person per night.

10. The Czech Republic

Tourists only need to pay a visit fee in the Czech Republic when visiting the capital, Prague. It costs less than €1, or around Rp 16,305 and is paid per person, for one to 60 nights. The tax does not apply to children under 18.


France has a tourist tax to pay. These charges are added to the traveler’s hotel bill at rates that vary depending on the city in which they are staying. Charges range from €0.20 to €4, or approximately Rp 3,255 to Rp 65,118, per person per night. These costs are used to maintain the tourism infrastructure.

12. Germany

Germany has a kulturförderabgabe or cultural tax and bettensteuer or tourist tax in a number of cities, including Frankfurt, Hamburg and Berlin. The fee is about five percent of the tourist hotel bill.

13. Greece

The tourist tax in Greece is based on the number of stars of the hotel or on the number of rooms rented. The possible price per room is around €4 or Rp 65,118.

14. Hungary

The tourist tax in Hungary only applies in Budapest. Travelers must pay an additional four percent per night based on their room rate.

15. Indonesia

The tourist tax in Indonesia only applies to Bali. In 2019, a new law stipulates that foreign tourists must pay a fee starting from €9 or approximately Rp 146,517. The income from this fee is used for programs that help preserve the Balinese environment and culture.

16. Italy

The tourist tax in Italy depends on where the tourist is going. Venice has just implemented its own tax for the summer of 2022, as we have just seen. Meanwhile, the city tax in Rome ranges from €3 to €7 per night, or around Rp48,839 to Rp113,957, depending on the type of room.

17. Japan

In Japan, tourists only pay €8 or around Rp 130,237 when they leave the country.

18. Malaysia

Malaysia charges a flat rate each night for overnight tourists. It costs no more than €4 or around Rp 65,118 per night.

19. New Zealand

Foreign tourists arriving in New Zealand must pay the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy, or IVL. However, this policy does not apply to Australians. The IVL costs around €21, or around Rp 341,873.

20. The Netherlands

The Netherlands has a land tourism tax and a water tourism tax. In Amsterdam, the tax is about seven percent of the cost of a hotel room.

21. Portugal

The tourist tax in Portugal is quite low and is paid per night for one person. This policy only applies to travelers aged 13 and over. It costs around €2, or Rp 32,559, and is only paid for the first seven days of the tourist stay.

22. Slovenia

Tourist tax in Slovenia varies by location and hotel star; it is around €3 or Rp 48,839.

23. Spain

Going to Ibiza or Majorca requires travelers to pay a tourist tax of around €4 or Rp 65,118 per night. This policy applies to all travelers aged 16 and over.

24. Switzerland

Tourist taxes in Switzerland vary by location. The cost per night per person is approximately €2.20 or Rp 35,815. The tax is only valid for stays of less than 40 days.

25. The United States

The hotel tax or lodging tax for tourists in the United States is called the occupancy tax. The highest rates are in Houston, where taxes make up 17% of a tourist’s hotel bill.

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