10 Well-Known Comic Book Characters That Were Never Adapted To Live-Action

It seems like live-action comedy adaptations are all the rage these days. Whether it’s Marvel or DC, both companies have put some of their most popular characters in movies and TV shows, expanding their reach to audiences that don’t really read comics. It’s a successful way of doing things because it has made superheroes ubiquitous in pop culture.

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While it seems like all of the popular characters from both companies have been put into live-action at one point or another lately, there are still plenty of characters that have never been dealt with live-action. While it’s more than likely a matter of time, for now these characters are stuck in the pages of the comics.

ten Cassie Sandsmark is an iconic Wonder Girl who hasn’t had the chance yet

Cassie Sandsmark has been Wonder Girl for over twenty years, truly appropriating the role in the late 90s and early 2000s when she was a member of Young Justice and the Teen Titans. To a whole generation of readers, she is Wonder Girl. She was even cast to be the Wonder Girl of New 52. She may have been missing for a while, but recently returned.

Many of Cassie’s Teen Titans comrades have appeared in Titans, but she hasn’t done it yet. Donna Troy is the Wonder Girl of this series, but maybe Cassie will have her chance someday in the future.

9 Damian Wayne is one of the most popular Robins

Damian Wayne has become a fan favorite Robin, but it took him a while to get there. Son of Batman and Talia al Ghul, Damian was extremely obnoxious from the moment he debuted, as fans of bratty kids weren’t great. He has experienced great growth over the years, learning to be a better person and a superhero.

Damian is the last Male Robin not to have been done live-action, as Dick Grayson, Jason Todd and Tim Drake all appear in Titans. It would be interesting to see how casual fans react to Damian and how it compares to the reactions of comic book fans.

8 Rick Jones is the lifeblood of the Marvel Universe

Captain Marvel Rick Jones Feature

In the Silver Age, the reference figures were very important. DC had Snapper Carr, the Justice League’s teenage sidekick, and Marvel had Rick Jones. Jones was an integral part of the creation of The Hulk, as he was the reason Bruce Banner got caught up in the gamma bomb explosion. He was the one in charge of reuniting the Avengers and he greeted Mar-Vell, changing places with him via the Nega-Bands.

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Rick Jones also played the role of Bucky for a returning Captain America, and he played a huge role in Marvel’s origins. It’s kind of weird that he’s been kicked out of the MCU.

7 Mister Miracle is the greatest of the new gods

Jack Kirby’s New Gods are an integral part of the DC Universe, with Darkseid, Desaad, and his minions playing roles in the DCEU. So far, however, New Genesis has not been introduced in the DCEU, which is a shame as it means that no one has been able to meet Mister Miracle in live-action. Mister Miracle is one of the keys to the myth of the new gods and a great character.

Mister Miracle was traded to Darkseid as part of a peace deal and grew up in the underworld of Apokolips, learning to survive. He and his lover Big Barda escaped New Genesis and joined the war against Darkseid. Mister Miracle is wonderful, and with the cancellation of the New Gods movie, it will be some time before it is seen in live-action.

6 Namor has been held in development hell for years

Namor is an interesting case when it comes to film rights. While Namor is a mutant and has hung out with the Fantastic Four, he is not included in the old Fox deal. Instead, his rights to his films were held by Universal, and a Namor movie was never made despite being in development several times.

Namor is one of the strongest aquatic heroes in all of comics and is quite interesting. With his rights still pending, there are apparently no plans to bring him into the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far, which is a shame. His mercurial attitude and loyalty to Atlantis alone would make him a great addition to the MCU.

5 The Sentinel has so much potential if he joins the MCU

The Sentry is one of the most powerful heroes in the history of the Marvel Universe. He’s also one of the most interesting, because he and his worst enemy are the exact same person. He’s a very complicated character, a damaged man trying to cross the world with almost uncontrollable powers and mental issues.

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It opens up a lot of options for use in the MCU and could do wonders to get it out of the formula that often makes stories redundant. It would be intriguing to see how Marvel Studios would use it and if it reach the heights it has in the comics.

4 Kyle Rayner is one of the best green lanterns of all time

Kyle Rayner took up the Green Lantern torch in the mid-90s and brought the concept back to the fore. Kyle was the perfect hero for the ’90s, bringing together a lot of young fans and dusting off what was considered a rather heavy franchise. His background as a graphic designer meant his builds were some of the best ever, and he became a legend.

Green Lanterns are a bit of a hard sell in the DCEU, considering how The Green Lantern movie was not well received. The concept needs another chance to shine, and Kyle Rayner could be the perfect hero to put this movie’s poor reception to rest.

3 Mr. Sinister almost had his chance

House of X Mister Sinister

There are three big X-Men villains: Magneto, Apocalypse, and Mister Sinister. Of those three, two of them have appeared in movies but Mister Sinister never had a chance. He was teased at the end of The glutton, but it never did. Sinister has long been an iconic X-Men villain, responsible for some of the most devastating attacks on the team.

Sinister is a big bad guy and has only gotten better over the years. While Mutants are not yet a part of the MCU, he would be a perfect villain to use once they get there.

2 Doc Samson is a psychiatrist for superheroes

One of the saddest things about the Hulk not having its own movies is that so many of its great supporting characters have been sidelined. One of them is Doc Samson, a gamma psychiatrist who has worked with many superheroes. He was also known to fight with the Hulk when therapy went awry, and his striking green hair made him an interesting visual.

Samson is a great character, who could actually be a lot of fun in the MCU. As Marvel Studios diversifies into the larger Marvel Universe, it might only be a matter of time until Doc Samson shows up.

1 Animal Man has starred in some of the most beloved comics of all time

Animal Man has long been one of the most underrated heroes in the DC Universe. Although he’s starred in groundbreaking stories, especially Grant Morrison’s incredible twenty-six issue series, he’s never had a huge chance to shine in the spotlight of the DC Main Universe. It is generally relegated to the more mystical sides of things.

Animal Man is one of those characters known to most DC fans, but he hasn’t had the chance to shine in live-action. He’s a much more interesting character than his name suggests and he would do just fine on a TV show, starring him and his extended family.

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