10 smartest characters in Marvel Comics, ranked

The Marvel Universe has some of the most powerful characters in the comics, but more than that, it also has some of the the most intelligent heroes and villains. Since the beginning of Marvel Comics, scientists and inventors have functioned as some of the greatest heroes in the world, as opposed to DC’s divine heroes.

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From teenage hopefuls bitten by radioactive spiders to industrial geniuses who created armor to save his life, scientists have ruled the day. It was no more obvious than in the The Fantastic Four comics, where Reed Richards was the smartest man in the world. However, over time new geniuses have appeared and the smartest people in Marvel have changed over the years.

ten Amedee Cho

Amadeus Cho transforms into the Hulk.

Amadeus Cho added his name to Marvel Comics’ list of the smartest people as a child. He has a supercomputer brain and his original superpower was to see everything that was going on around him and find a way to solve any problem instantly. Then he became a Hulk and added muscle to his brain.

Many characters in the comics have called Amadeus Cho the eighth smartest man on Earth, but there are a lot of things that keep him below others throughout the universe. Cho is smarter than almost anyone he fights, but he’s also somewhat immature and impulsive, which holds him under a lot of others in Marvel Comics.

9 Hank pym

Hank Pym was one of the smartest characters in early Marvel Comics. He first appeared in Tales to amaze # 27 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby as a scientist who created a way to change your body size while maintaining the same strength and power. He also created the Ultron robot, which turned on him.

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At one point, Pym learned that while Doctor Strange is Earth’s Supreme Sorcerer, Pym is the Supreme Scientist. Pym holds a doctorate. in biochemistry and nanotechnology and is an expert in almost all fields of scientific study. What holds him back is that he has faced emotional issues in his life that have limited what he can accomplish with his brain.

8 Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner was a smart kid, which caused problems in his household. His father Brian thought Banner was a monster because he was so smart and often bullied and degraded his son as a result. When Brian killed Banner’s mother, the child created mental blocks in his mind and this resulted in a split personality when he ended up becoming the Hulk.

As Banner, he is an expert in biology, chemistry, engineering, medicine, physiology and nuclear physics. He’s an expert in gamma technology, but his intelligence has never allowed him to heal himself from the gamma radiation that turned him into the Hulk. The MCU had Bruce Banner and Tony Stark as science brothers, playing on his comedic intelligence.

7 Tony stark

Iron Man Tony Stark

Tony Stark is a little ahead of Bruce Banner in the comics. While Banner is an expert in biological sciences, Stark is proficient in mechanical and electrical engineering, and he is an expert in chemistry, computer science, and physics. While in a cave with little technology, he created the first Iron Man costume, proving Tony Stark to be one of Marvel’s smartest characters.

Stark is also a quick thinker and can solve problems in the middle of a battle. He invented almost more technology for use in combat than anyone outside of Reed Richards, and is one of Marvel Comics’ greatest technological inventors.

6 The high evolutionary

High-Evolutionary-in-X-Men-1 (3)

The High Evolutionary has evolved beyond most humans. After learning from Mister Sinister, Hubert Wyndham eclipsed everything his mentor ever did and became divine as a result. The High Evolutionary has created new lifeforms and has mastered the technique to the point where he can create anything new without a problem.

The High Evolutionary is the smartest geneticist in the universe and is an expert in most forms of scientific technique. He also has a cosmic consciousness, which puts him on a different level from mere mortals.

5 Victor Von Doom

Reed Richards faces off against Doctor Doom in Secret Wars.

Victor Von Doom believes he is the smartest man on the planet and has said more than once that he is smarter than his biggest rival, Reed Richards. However, Doom made mistakes in his early scientific research, which Richards pointed out to him. Since that time, Doom has always strived to improve Richards.

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Although Doom is a super-genius, he still ranks below Richards, as the leader of the Fantastic Four has always beaten him in battles that relied on their brains. Doom has magic on his side, which helps him compete with the FF, but in terms of gray matter, he falls below Richards.

4 Lunelle Lafayette

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Marvel Show Art

Lunella Lafayette, also known as Moon Girl, is the youngest super genius in Marvel Comics. She also knows she’s smart and has no problem flaunting her intelligence to anyone, from Amadeus Cho and Peter Parker to Reed Richards himself. She has every reason to remain humble.

She has created amazing inventions with little to no resources, helping him to match Tony Stark without having access to the same equipment he owns. She also solved the Banner Brain Omnicompetence Examiner, which was supposed to be unsolvable, in seconds.

3 Reed richards

Reed Richards looks like the creator.

For many years, Reed Richards was considered the smartest person in the Marvel Universe. Reed was Marvel Comics’ first true explorer, but he ended up turning the Fantastic Four into superheroes due to an accident. Since then, Reed has created more inventions and discovered more things previously unknown than anyone on Earth.

Reed discovered the negative area and created a portal to enter it. Reed created unstable molecules, which the heroes used to prevent their costumes from being destroyed when using their powers. Reed masters space travel, time travel and extra-dimensional travel. When someone on Earth needs scientific help, they go to Reed Richards.

2 Valerie Richards

Doom takes Valeria to bed

Reed Richards said his daughter Valeria Richards had eclipsed him in intelligence when she was just three years old. She was so smart that she hid her intelligence, at the age of three, because she knew then that it would destroy her family in the future if they did.

In the latest issues of The Fantastic Four, Reed said that Valeria had come up with inventions he couldn’t have created on his own. Outdoing her father, Valeria is the smartest person in Marvel Comics when it comes to those on Earth.

1 Thanos

Thanos on the cover of The Thanos Imperative comic book.

Most people look at Thanos and see his power levels. He is one of the strongest beings in the universe, and his use of the Infinity Gauntlet also made him the deadliest. However, there is more to Thanos than his power levels. He is one of the smartest beings in the entire universe.

Thanos is a genius, even by Eternals standards. He has immense scientific and tactical knowledge and has used his genius to genetically improve himself in order to boost his power levels. He created the chair he uses to teleport, fly, and travel through dimensions. His inventions in the comics were greater than anything an Earthling has ever created.

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