10 Perfect Marvel Comics To Read In November

Marvel is the biggest name in pop culture and has long dominated sales in the comic book industry. They’ve been in this position for a long time, publishing more books than anyone else, flooding the market with their iconic heroes. They’re releasing some awesome comics right now, with some of the top comic book creators working their magic on the real mountain of books that Marvel releases every month.

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November seems like a good month for Marvel fans as the publisher publishes so many books that would be great to read. From the continuations to the miniseries, Marvel is setting fire this fall.

ten Venom # 1 redefines the fan favorite

After The king in Black, Venom is huge again at Marvel. On November 10, the next chapter in the life of the symbiotic superhero drops with Venom # 1, by the all-star creative team of writers Al Ewing and Ram V and artist Bryan Hitch. With Eddie Brock’s son Dylan as Venom, things look very different.

Ewing has just come out of his historic race The Immortal Hulk and V has proven his horror chops in DC and on independent books. The issue also marks Hitch’s first Marvel interior work in years. This one has it all and should be a wild ride.

9 Hawkeye: Kate Bishop # 1 brings Hawkeye back to the east coast for new adventures

Hawkeye Kate Bishop 1 Cropped

Marvel loves its MCU synergy, though it’s often futile, and Hawkeye: Kate Bishop # 1, by writer Marieke Nijkamp and artist Enid Balam, is the latest example. Seeing Kate return to the East Coast after years of adventuring in Cali and picking up a simple case along the way, this issue brings back the fan favorite. Nothing is ever easy for a superhero, however, and this one illustrates it.

Kate has always been an entertaining character and any excuse for her having more solo adventures is one readers will take. Nijkamp is a New York Times bestselling author, so this one should be interesting, to say the least.

8 Thor # 19 starts a new story arc, “God of Hammers”

Thor 19 cropped

Writer Donny Cates and artist Nic Klein’s Thor has shot every cylinder since it started and number 19 doesn’t look any different. Mjolnir is missing and no one can find it, leading Thor and his Asgardian friends on a hunt to find it. Who has it and what does he plan to do with it? It’s a race against time to get it back before disaster strikes.

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Cates has been one of Marvel’s MVPs for years and his Thor has been immensely impressive, getting better and better with each issue. Klein has proven to be quite capable of bringing Cates’ ideas to life and this new story arc looks like another hit, which will be released on November 24.

7 Hellions # 17 puts things to the test

Hellions 17 cropped

Hellions is one of the little-known gems of the X-Men line and number 17 appears to be another banger. Written by Zeb Well with art by Stephen Segovia, this one sees the team violently implode after heavy revelations and actions in the final story arc. Orphan-Maker, trying to get back into Nanny’s good graces, does something ill-advised, but that’s the name of the game for a Hellion.

Wells kind of invested that title with the kind of humor and pathos that balance out perfectly, with a healthy dose of old-fashioned ultra violence for that entertainment factor. Combined with Segovia’s dexterous pencils, this book is a hidden gem and this issue seems to continue on November 10.

6 Black Panther # 1 promises new direction for Wakanda’s greatest hero

Black Panther has undergone many changes over the years and since the release of his film, Marvel has secured some of the best writing skills outside of comics to work on his book. Oscar-winning writer John Ridley takes over with the new Black Panther # 1 November 24, joined by artist Juann Cabal.

This one brings T’Challa back from space and drops him in the middle of a great spy story. It’s a different direction for Black Panther and with Ridley on board, this one should be an undisputed epic.

5 X-Force # 25 sees Wolverine face new threat for Krakoa

X-Force 25 cropped

X-Force is another X-Men title that got lost in the shuffle but it’s better than most of the lineup. Issue 25, by writer Benjamin Percy and artist Robert Gill, is set to continue this momentum on November 17. When a new threat arises on the shores of Krakoa, Wolverine kicks in to end it before it can take hold, while Kid Omega and Phoebe Cuckoo explore a new side of their relationship.

Percy took a different approach with X-Force, focusing on telling short stories that see the team quickly dealing with the island nation’s worst threats. X-Force is one of the most famous franchises of the X-Men and Percy’s X-Force is a worthy successor to this heritage.

4 Wolverine # 18 sees mutant hero protecting friend in the Armed Forces for the two

Wolverine 18 cropped

Wolverine is the best at what he does and writer Benjamin Percy put him to the test. November 24, Wolverine # 18 sees the Savage Mutant trying to save his CIA friend Agent Bannister from enemies who stalk him while trying to find the mole on Krakoa that Bannister warned him about. Joined by artist Paco Diaz, he promises to be action-packed.

Percy did Wolverine the first place for black ops action and this problem is another example. He’s been writing the best Wolverine in years, and that book is still one of the best X-Men books on the shelves.

3 Eternals have a new leader in Eternals # 7

Eternals 7 cropped

The Eternals are one of Jack Kirby’s greatest creations and they’ve been in good hands since writer Kieron Gillen and artist Esad Ribic took over. The final story arc was full of action and reveal, with November 10 Eternals # 7 dropping another huge change on the Immortals: They’ve got a new leader, and that’s Thanos.

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Gillen and Ribic have done an incredible job of truly capturing the power and greatness of the Eternals, with this issue looking no different. The film may receive mixed reviews, but this book has worked perfectly since its debut.

2 Hulk # 1 begins a new era for the Jade Giant

Ryan Ottley cover for Hulk # 1 written by Donny Cates.

After the horror of The Immortal Hulk, Writer Donny Cates and artist Ryan Ottley take over everyone’s favorite smash specialist on November 24 Hulk # 1. The Hulk’s rage is reaching unprecedented levels and no one can stop it. With the Avengers unable to deal with him, what’s next for the Hulk? This book answers that question.

Cates is Marvel’s not-so-secret weapon and associates him with Ottley, known for his expertise in superhero violence from Invincible, on a Hulk book was an inspired choice. The Hulk has always been a fighter and it will be great to see where these two take him.

1 Dark Ages # 3 continues Marvel’s alternate universe epic

Dark Ages Apocalypse Feature

Writer Tom Taylor made a name for himself in DC with Injustice, an alternate universe epic and he brings that expertise to Marvel. November 17th Dark Ages # 3, With art from Iban Coello, this epic story of a Marvel Universe without electricity continues as Apocalypse strives to awaken the Uncreator and gain his power, with the heroes rallying to stop him.

Dark times has turned out to be an amazing book so far and this issue is no different from what came before it. Coello’s art really made this book shine even brighter than it ever did, an irony for a book set in a world without electric light.

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