10 most powerful Magic users (who aren’t Doctor Strange)

Magic has long been used as a canonical explanation for the origin of superpowers in the Marvel Universe, dating back to before the boom period of modern superheroes. Thanks in large part to his fan-favorite portrayal by Benedict Cumberbatch in the MCU, Doctor Strange has become Marvel’s most recognizable user of magic.

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But the Sorcerer Supreme is far from Marvel’s only magical character, and the often elusive nature of magic as a set of powers has led to a universe populated with holders of many radically different forms of mysticism.

ten Shaman

Shaman of Alpha Flight reads the magical energies of a skull

Shaman is a founding member of the Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight and an accomplished physician. After failing to prevent his sick wife from dying, Michael Twoyoungmen turned away from Western medicine and adopted the teachings of his late grandfather, a member of the Tsuut’tina people of the First Nations.

His subsequent mastery of various magical abilities placed him on the Canadian government’s shortlist when building their first superhero squad. The shaman primarily uses these powers in the form of his medicine bag, essentially an “infinite possession bag” from which he is able to summon any item he desires.

9 Wiccan

Wiccan using his reality warping powers.

As the reincarnated son of one of the most powerful Avengers, The Scarlet Witch, Wiccan was born with a natural affinity for the same chaos magic wielded by his “mother”. A frequent member of the Young Avengers alongside her husband Hulkling, Wiccan’s Mystical Powders continued to grow, but her relative inexperience limited its use.

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Wiccan is proficient at throwing force fields, teleportation, and energy bolts with minimal focus. More complicated spells allow him to manipulate reality but require concentration and focus on the desired outcome, causing Wiccan to repeatedly repeat the desired outcomes, and often disturbed when unable to hear himself speak. Despite these limitations, he was once a candidate for the vacant title of Sorcerer Supreme and some notable time travelers and premonitories have described him as having the potential to become one of the most powerful mages in the world.

8 Amanda Sefton

Amanda Sefton aka Daytripper from Marvel Comics

Foster sister and former lover of the X-Men’s Nightcrawler, Amanda Sefton, also known as Daytripper, is a witch who follows the “Path of the Winding Path”. A frequent ally of the X-Men, as well as a member of the European superhero team Excalibur, Sefton was also once the Supreme Witch of Limbo, one of Marvel’s many dimensions of hell.

His mystical abilities include, but are not limited to, teleportation, shapeshifting, and creating illusion. The Winding Path, however, is not just a mystical discipline, but a “must travel”, and its ability to manipulate its energies increases and decreases over time in conjunction with its highs and lows along. of this path.

7 Doctor Druid

Created by the legendary team of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Doctor Druid first appeared in 1961, two years before his fellow wizard, the more famous Doctor Strange. After the success of his contemporary, Druid fell into obscurity for years, save for a handful of uneventful appearances which arguably did his reputation more harm than good.

Although Druid became a member of the Avengers years before Strange, he has always been described as significantly less powerful than the latter, and his tenure on the team is generally unremarkable. It wasn’t until after his own eponymous 1995 miniseries Druid that he would finally display his full potential as a wizard, simultaneously falling out of favor in one of Marvel’s greatest horror comics.

6 Baron mordo

Marvel's Baron Mordo

Karl Mordo was a student of The Ancient One before Doctor Strange arrived, but secretly sought to eliminate his mentor to claim the title of Sorcerer Supreme. When Strange arrived and thwarted this plan, Mordo was exiled, resulting in Strange’s rise to Sorcerer Supreme as the two became bitter rivals.

While his tutelage included multiple forms of mysticism, Mordo has proven to be particularly proficient in black magic, frequently using dark and corrupt spells that Strange himself is unable or unwilling to perform. One of the most powerful enemies of the Sorcerer Supreme, he was played by Chiwetel Ejiofor in the MCU Doctor strange and is confirmed to return to his suite, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

5 Agatha Harkness

Agatha Harkness New Salem Marvel Comics

While Kathryn Hahn’s fan-favorite portrayal of the Scarlet Witch’s mystical neighbor in the Disney + WandaVision series made her the show’s flagship character, her portrayal of the comic Agatha Harkness is very different. Appearing older and less antagonistic, the comic book Agatha was first presented as the nanny of a young Franklin Richards, son of the invisible woman of the Fantastic Four and Mr. Fantastic.

Both versions, however, are presented as powerful witches with vast control over multiple forms of magic. Though unabashedly familiar with many of the more sinister mystical arts, Agatha has generally been portrayed as an ally of heroic teams such as the Fantastic Four and the Avengers. Similar to her on-screen counterpart, Marvel Comics’ Agatha is tasked with unleashing Wanda Maximoff’s full potential as a witch.

4 Brother Voodoo

Jericho Drumm, born in Haiti, spent much of his adulthood studying in the United States, where he eventually became a licensed psychologist. Meanwhile, his twin brother Daniel remained in Haiti, where he became his village houngan, a Haitian male voodoo priest. With his last wish, Daniel summoned Jericho to his home to succeed him as houngan. After studying under Daniel’s mentor, Papa Jambo, Jericho proved to be even more competent in this role than his brother. Guided by the spiritual gods of voodoo called the Loa, he quickly mastered the associated magics.

Drumm’s abilities include astral projection, resistance to pain, and control of flames and “lower life forms” such as animals and plants. Among the Loa who guide him is the spirit of his late brother, with whom Jericho can merge to increase his strength, or project himself into others to control their actions. Although it was used sporadically for years after its first comic book appearances in the 1970s, Brother Voodoo was brought back to the fore by writer Brian Michael Bendis in 2009 when he was selected from among nearly 30 nominees. potentials to replace Doctor Strange as Wizard Supreme.

3 Magik

Demonic Magic Witch

As a child, Illyana Rasputin tragically lost herself in the hellish dimension of limbo. Due to the time that passes differently in limbo, years passed for Illyana before she returned to earth, reappearing only moments after her disappearance. During her exile, Illyana was “brought up” by the demon Belasco, who trained her in the use of demonic sorcery. These dark magics are most often represented by the use of his “Soul Sword”, a weapon manifested from a part of his own mortal soul which, while extremely powerful, also allows dark energies to fill the void. resulting.

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Upon her return from limbo, Illyana joined the junior X-Men team, the New Mutants, codenamed Magik before being later promoted to the main X-Men squad. In recent times, she has become the apprentice of Doctor Strange, who has helped Illyana reconcile her mortality with the dark energies she wields.

2 Scarlet witch

Scarlet witch casting a spell.

In her first appearances, Wanda Maximoff’s powers consisted of a vague ability to “alter the probability”, essentially casting bad luck on her opponents. Despite the name, the Scarlet Witch’s powers were not based on witchcraft but rather were a low level of reality manipulation.

After studying magic under the tutelage of Agatha Harkness, Wanda became a powerful witch in an authentic sense and learned to better control her inherent hexagonal powers. As her abilities increased over time, Wanda gained enough control over her natural and educated talents to combine the two, allowing her to manipulate the fabric of reality on a large scale, including on one occasion the Creation. of “House of Mr.”, one of Marvel Comics’ most important multiversal worlds.

1 Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom crushes an object in his hand as he declares that Doom is pulling the strings.

Arguably Marvel Comics’ greatest villain of all time, Doctor Doom possesses a genius intellect, which he used to master both scientific and occult disciplines. Mainly taught by Tibetan monks, he further enhanced his magical abilities by studying under the ancient witch of Arthurian legend, Morgan Le Fay.

One of the few Marvel characters to successfully combine arcane and tech, Doom has stood up to Marvel’s most powerful magic users and defeated many. When Stephen Strange once relinquished his role as Wizard Supreme, he readily admitted that Doom had the mystical abilities to take his place, if not for his unchecked pride.

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