10 countries simulating a digital attack on the financial system

A group of 10 countries led by Israel on Thursday faked a digital attack that would upend the international financial system in ten days, “Reuters” reported. The simulation planned, among other details, to broadcast fake news, expose sensitive data on the so-called “dark web” and run on banks.

In a simulation of “collective power” (originally “collective power”), representatives of ministries of finance participated in videoconferences. Israel, United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Thailand. Representatives of the International Monetary Fund and the Bank for International Settlements also participated in the initiative, which aims to raise awareness of the need for cooperation for the global cybersecurity of the financial system.

In response to the simulation, the EU representative said, according to the agency, that “there will be an emergency meeting on the same day” if that happens, acknowledging a faster reaction from countries to try to control such an attack. He confirmed that they would not wait 10 days for a response.

According to the promoters of the simulator, any attack of this nature must have a high level of sophistication to achieve these effects. The simulation defines the agency It included attacks on various parts of global finance such as the foreign exchange and bond markets, the liquidity centers of banks and individuals, and the possibility of import and export transactions.

At this meeting in Jerusalem, at which “Reuters” was present, possible solutions to this type of massive attack were discussed, such as the coordinated organization of vacations, the debt moratorium, short-term liquidity solutions. term as well as markets.deposit“NS”exchange, barterAnd the coordinator decoded the index against benchmark currencies, according to “Reuters”.

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