10 best Avenger story arcs from Marvel Comics

The next Hawk Eye The Disney + series will finally give Clint Barton his solo star in the MCU and also introduce fans to Kate Bishop. This relationship between students and teachers formed the basis of an excellent 2011 comic book directed by writer Matt Fraction and artist David Aja. This is just one of the many great arcs in Hawkeye’s story in Marvel Comics.

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Hawkeye has been a major part of the Marvel Universe since its inception in the 1960s and has been a part of some of the biggest comic book storylines of the sixty years that have followed. It also has a strong history of personal stories that the MCU series could adapt in one form or another as well.

ten A villain at the start

Hawkeye and Iron Man fight in Tales of Suspense

Hawkeye made his Marvel Comics debut in 1964. He first appeared in Tales of Suspense # 57 and that opening arc was important because he was actually presented as a villain. He first faced off against Iron Man and in issues 60-64 of the series he met Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow.

On the run, Hawkeye joined Black Widow while she was still a Russian spy. Together, they stole technology from Stark Industries back to Iron Man. But the two would quickly let go of their mean ways, making this arc essential for understanding what happened next.

9 Cap’s Kooky Quartet

The cover of Avengers # 16, the beginnings of the Cap's Kooky Quartet

Hawkeye’s transition to hero status was cemented in Avengers # 16 in 1965 when he joined the team. This arc is very important not only to Hawkeye but also to the Avengers as it replaced all of the powerful members of the original team with new recruits that were significantly less powerful.

Captain America, Hawkeye the Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver have become known as Cap’s Kooky Quartet, one of the best Avengers lists of all time. Founding members Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk had gone their separate ways, leading to Captain America forming a team made up mostly of former villains. As one of the new members, Hawkeye quickly established his comic book character (rough, rebellious, sarcastic, and cynical) who would influence his portrayals in animated TV shows and MCU movies.

8 Mocking Encounter

The first one Hawk Eye the 1983 solo series was monumental for the character as it was there that he met his eventual colleague and wife, Mockingbird. The four-issue miniseries featured Bobbi Morse, one of Marvel Comics’ most important spies.

Together they take on the villainous Crossfire, but the biggest story of the miniseries is their whirlwind romance. The two fall in love very quickly and get married at the end of the series. She joined him on the Avengers for a brief period before they co-titled the West Coast Avengers.

7 Leading the West Coast Avengers

Hawkeye and Mockingbird are the founding members of the West Coast Avengers, the first spin-off group of the superhero team. This is an important arc for Hawkeye as it establishes him as a leader, a role he would later play in Kurt Busiek. Love at first sight series in the late 90s. The origin of the Avengers team is described in the 1984 West Coast Avengers mini-series, which would lead to an ongoing series that ran for 102 issues.

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Hawkeye takes the Avengers west after Vision convinces him that the Avengers need another unit. Hawkeye leads the team’s first iteration against villains like Gravitron, and the typically arrogant Clint Barton begins to mature into a more rounded character.

6 Avengers Disassembled

Scarlet Witch destroyed in Avengers Disassembled.

One of the most important storylines involving Hawkeye was Avengers Disassembled, a cartoon arc that inspired WandaVision. In this epic storyline from the early 2000s, the Scarlet Witch kills him among other things after recovering the memory of the truth about his children.

Billy and Tommy Maximoff weren’t real, but fragments of Mephisto’s soul. She sinks into grief and lashes out at the Avengers. She brings a Kree warship to New York, and in trying to stop it, Clint Barton sacrifices his life to save the city. This arc shows that while Clint often adopts a cynical character, he’s willing to sacrifice his life to help save the world.

5 Ronin

One of the best modern arcs for Hawkeye deals with his eventual return after reality is restored at the end of the House of M scenario that arose from Avengers Disassembled. The arc starting with New Avengers # 27 in 2007 is the key to understanding why Ronin’s character was a factor in the MCU.

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Unlike the MCU, where Hawkeye became Ronin following the Snap, he chooses to play the character while on a mission for the New Avengers in Japan. He keeps the identity for a while because at this point Kate Bishop uses the nickname Hawkeye, mistakenly believing he was dead.

4 Second civil war

Hawkeye kills Hulk in Civil War II

Clint Barton is part of another big story arc in Second civil war. This sequel to the original epic crossover is essential because it shows how far Barton is willing to go and how much he has changed since his ordeal with Scarlet Witch (which also involved a bizarre romance with the mutant Avenger).

The story begins when Barton kills Dr. Bruce Banner with an arrow. The move is shocking but he thinks justified because a premonitory character named Ulysses has a vision of the Hulk destroying the world. Banner’s death sparks a major battle between the superheroes, who are divided in wanting to stop crimes before they happen with these visions, and those who believe preventative actions are unwarranted.

3 Love at first sight

Hawkeye fights with the Thunderbolts in the comics.

Hawkeye’s evolution as a leader was tested in another key comic book arc when he became the leader of the Thunderbolts. He took over the team at the end of the 90s from Love at first sight # 21. Hawkeye transforms the old Masters Of Evil into an elite and heroic fighting force.

The narrative arc, which also passes through the Love at first sight current title at the time, is important because it may have implications for the MCU. Several members of the team have appeared or are about to do so. The Thunderbolts were originally ruled by Baron Zemo, as comic book fans surely know.

2 Hawkeye Vs. Deadpool

Deadpool vs Hawkeye Comic Variant with Rocket and Groot

One character Hawkeye teamed up to to the delight of comic book fans was Deadpool. the Hawkeye vs. Deadpool a miniseries pitted them against each other as they both tried to prevent highly sensitive data about Agents of SHIELD from falling into the wrong hands.

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It’s a prime example of the humor that Hawkeye is capable of. His early appearances often made him a bit bossy in his self-confidence, but he has lightened up considerably and this series is a great showcase for the low-key humor MCU fans associate with Clint Barton.

1 Small hits

Hawkeye Clint Barton and Kate Bishop

the Hawk Eye The 2011 series is probably the basis for much of the upcoming MCU series, and it’s one of the best story arcs involving the character. Small hits takes place between issues 6 and 11 of the 2011 series, and features the training of Clint Barton and meets Kate Bishop.

Clint’s growth and maturity take giant leaps in this story. His previous stints as a leader come in handy as he trains and guides Kate as the two fight together organized crime in New York City, especially the Russian Mafia.

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